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So you want to know about the man behind Rubidium? Why not just read my posts; that'll give you a good look into my head. Oh well, I'll just resort to spewing out some random info about me.

My name is Jim.
I am a CS major at Washington University in St. Louis.
I am not a CS major at the University of Washington, which is nowhere near St. Louis.
I like good music; "good" covering the wide range of random music that I like.
I work in the M&M lab with Michael, who is graciously hosting this site.
My spelling isn't very good, and notepad doesn't come with spell check.
I've noticed I like to use semi-colons: the ignored punctuation.
No need to point out that that was a colon; I'm not stupid.
Semi-colons lead into the next seemingly random topic.
I am very good at programming, but not in the "m4d l33t skillz" department.
I am a sophomore and a half.
I like milk.
And beef.
But not coconut.
Or honey.
I don't know why, and probably never will.
I mean, honey is like 99% sugar, right? And I like sugar. So why not honey?
I like a great deal of many other things, balanced by things that mildely irritate me
(ragweed, mondays, and most poetry), and things I just can't stand (having your wisdom teeth removed and spam).
I have a habit of anthropomorphizing big red trash cans named Lewis.
But then again, who doesn't?